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Auto parts suppliers are monopolized

Auto parts suppliers are not subsidiary units of vehicle manufacturers. In the automobile industry chain, although the vehicle manufacturers have the advantages of brand influence and marketing channel, the key production technology and technology of the vehicle are often in the hands of auto parts suppliers. On the basis of meeting the technical requirements of vehicle manufacturers, auto parts suppliers are leading the development of vehicle manufacturers in reverse direction. The auto parts industry has more and more important influence on the development of the whole automobile industry.

In the international auto parts market, multinational auto parts giants such as the love essence machine, ZF group of Germany and JATCO (gate) Co. are in the transmission field, and Ben teller is in the automotive chassis, BOSCH, Continental cars in the body stabilization system and brake system, Johnson auto control, Lear group, Fo Ji Asia has formed a certain monopoly position in the field of automobile seats, and controls the core technology of the global automotive parts industry.