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Automobile is currently


Automobile is currently the most prominent pillar industry of Shanghai's economic contribution. The national "13th Five-Year" volatile organic compounds pollution prevention and control work plan pointed out that the promotion of automotive parts manufacturing and other areas of VOCs emission control. To promote the use of high solid and water coatings.

E combined with the application status of auto parts manufacturing industry and industry related standards, consulting industry related experts, combed the low VOCs technology route and low VOCs content index value (suggestion) of automobile parts manufacturing industry, please provide valuable experience and advice to the people who make VOCs emission reduction in parts manufacturing.

Figure 1: VOCs technical route for auto parts manufacturing

Table 1: VOCs content index of automobile parts manufacturing industry

Note: the index value is the limit of VOCs content under the in service condition. The detection method is based on GB/T23985 and GB/T23986, and the waterborne coating is calculated according to the buckle water method.