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Replacement cycle: about 60 thousand kilometers

Replacement cycle: about 60 thousand kilometers

To replace the tires regularly, a group of tyres will be durable and can not be used for a lifetime. Under normal circumstances, a tire replacement cycle is about 60 thousand kilometers. Of course, it is also related to the frequent driving of vehicles. If the vehicles often take the dirt roads, the tire wear will be faster and the replacement cycle will be shorter.

Brake pads


Brake pad is the final actuator of the automotive brake system, and is the most critical safety part. The brake performance plays a decisive role. When the thickness of the brake pad is less than 3 millimeters, it must be replaced. The specific cycle varies according to the driving style of each person.

Engine oil
Oil is the most important liquid on the engine, which has the function of lubricating and cleaning the engine. Appropriate adjustments can be made according to the specific conditions of use. If we often travel under poor road conditions, dusty or very congested road conditions, it is recommended to shorten the replacement period appropriately.

Gearbox oil

As the core components of the second car, the gearbox is our important maintenance object. If it is not changed in time, it will aggravate the wear of the gearbox, the weak start of the car, and skid when driving. The general gearbox oil is replaced once in 2 years or about 40 thousand kilometers, and some special gearboxes are life-long maintenance free.


The battery is the total power supply of a car. The replacement period depends on the specific usage. It can generally be used for 3~5 years.

Engine timing belt

The timing belt is an important part of the engine valve train, and its function is to keep the valve and piston running synchronously. When the car is broken in the course of driving, it will cause serious engine mechanical accidents, so the timing belt must be replaced according to the mileage or time specified by the original plant. Generally, the first 60 thousand kilometers will be replaced and the forty thousand kilometers will be replaced later.

The one year maintenance of other components

(1) ignition timing: check and adjust the ignition timing of the automobile engine, and check and adjust the timing of the fuel supply of the diesel engine to the repair shop.

(2) clean and lubricate: clean the oil contamination of the engine cover, the door and the hinges of the luggage compartment, re adjust and lubricate the above institutions.

(3) valve clearance: high speed valve clearance should be checked for engines equipped with common valves.

It is very important to maintain their own cars. The quality of these components is directly related to the reliability and safety of the vehicle. So we have to know these things.