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Frequent patent litigation in the field of auto parts

After a dispute of intellectual property rights, auto parts enterprises need to attach importance to and strengthen the management and protection of intellectual property rights from the system.

Tuo Ruirui, the project manager of the electric public relations and the government, told reporters that Jing Jin electric now attaches great importance to the management of intellectual property, sets up a special department, establishes a comprehensive intellectual property supervision system, and trains employees to protect the internal and external intellectual property rights, and brings them into performance assessment, every quarter. There will be meetings to discuss the issue of intellectual property protection.

Told reporters, ATGL now from three aspects of strengthening the construction of intellectual property rights: first, through the improvement of the system, the establishment of intellectual property risk emergency mechanism, comprehensively combing, improving and strengthening the existing intellectual property process, so that the ATGL in the management of intellectual property management work to a new level; two is to establish a market monitoring network, timely discovery of infringement and development dimension Right activities, when there are suspected tort or tort, the legal department, the intellectual property department and the related service sites carry out the rights protection activities; three is to apply for the patent in time so that the protection of the innovation results can be protected.

Wang Binggang, the leader of the National 863 "energy saving and new energy vehicle" major project supervision and consultation expert group, believes that the core technology of independent research and development of spare parts enterprises is increasing, especially in the field of new energy vehicles and intelligent net Union, and enterprises must strengthen the awareness of intellectual property rights and protect themselves by legal means. "For the core technical personnel, the enterprise should do well in the management of business secrets and the constraints of the competition terms. Intellectual property is the core technology of the enterprise. It is its own skill and must be protected."