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What will happen to the engine if it happens in China

Whether domestic or joint venture or import, every update is not a big change, basically on the basis of the original configuration of the car with a new function. Security is also good technology. It's all an update. Slowly, it will also start to update the engine.
There is a leap forward in the update, but there will be a lot of problems at the same time. Perhaps this update will not appear in a short period of time to come out after a period of time. It is the situation that the engine enters mud for a long time.
The United States is such an attitude that the engine enters mud directly to replace the engine free of charge, if such things happen in the country. This is also the problem of Internet users to discuss, in fact, in fact, users do not have to worry, these big car industry will not be confused by some of the big guys to fool friends and car friends. You can rest assured.