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This advanced engine saves one trillion yuan for China

The heat insulation of the engine blade said by Xu Yuan is a heat-resistant material to the blade, which sounds like the coating of paint, but it is difficult to imagine the technical difficulty. This new heat resistant coating developed in our country is a solid foundation for the development of domestic advanced aero engine, modern jet engine. At work, the blade is facing a huge load of high temperature, high pressure and high speed. The heat resistant coating is equivalent to the blade's Golden Bell and iron blouse. With it, the life and durability of the blade will be greatly improved, and the engine will be more reliable. But only in order to measure the effective time of the new coating, the scientists of our country have done a year's experiment. Although it consumes time, the real performance of this kind of coating has been obtained, which proves the strong heat resistance of the new coating.
The breakthrough of heat resistant coating technology for aviation hair blades will make China's commercial aircraft market reshuffle. In the past, Chinese commercial aircraft were entirely dependent on imports, Boeing and Airbus monopolized China's large aircraft market. Chinese passengers had no name for a Chinese domestic commercial aircraft for Boeing 737 and Airbus A380 "Airbus", because China could not make big flying machines, in which the engine was the largest. One of the constraints, although China completed the first flight of the C919 large aircraft in 2017, but the outside world is still not optimistic about China's large domestic aircraft, mainly because of the backwardness of China's aero engine technology, but the new heat-resistant coating technology will change this traditional view. Under the help of its help, the Chinese domestic commercial aircraft will eventually come to the end. To become the mainstream of the Chinese market, according to the scale of China's thousands of market, the technology will save one trillion yuan for China to purchase large commercial aircraft.