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Can the engine be flushed with water

The engine is a very important part of our car, but because it is not conspicuous, many people usually ignore it when cleaning the car and maintain the interior and interior, so it is easy to get dust in the engine room for a long time. If it does not take care of it for a long time, the dirty degree inside is very good. Compared with the "garbage dump", it will greatly affect the life and use of the car. So how should the engine be clean?
Clean engine, some people feel that can be washed with water, and some people feel that water irrigation, it is likely to form a car short circuit, in fact, the engine electrical component interface, all through water treatment, can be washed with water, but to divide the situation. If it is a new car, it is not a problem to use high pressure water gun to clean the engine room. But if it is a long old car, it is better to not wash directly with water, because the old car has waterproof treatment, but it can't ensure the parts are not aging and short circuit, so it is better to call the Fu Yunyong air gun in the repair shop. In addition, the insurance box and other waterproof parts, and if the wiring harness protection sleeve is damaged, it is best to scrub.
Because the engine needs to be kept at 80-90 degrees, so when cleaning the engine, remember to put out the fire and leave the car in complete power failure. In addition, before sprinkler, we must do a good job of covering parts and spare parts. All the electrical equipment and parts should be wrapped up with plastic cloth. After washing the car, wipe clean with towels. In this way, to the maximum, the engine parts will not be short circuited by the water and affect the service life of the engine.