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Company's demeanor



     Dalian bolt Accessories Co., Ltd. is a first class talented person with the technology and experience of diesel engine parts. Our team has been accompanied by our customers in the pre-sale, sale and after sale. The number is not accurate. Special diesel engine parts can not be found. Li Xiaoming, the general manager of the company, is engaged in the production management of diesel engine for more than 20 years. Now it is the honest attitude of "small parts to solve the big trouble", and leads all the staff to serve the customers sincerely.


Warehousing and distribution

    Dalian bolt Accessories Co., Ltd. has been increasing in China's domestic diesel engine parts wholesale market after several years of development. Now, the company has a large storage area of 5000 square meters and storage capacity of nearly 10 million RMB. The company has its own distribution vehicles, and all regions in Liaoning can fulfill the order of the day, deliver the goods on that day and have a quick experience of receiving goods on that day.